Escalante National Monument

The Escalante River Canyon and tributaries is the most popular area of the monument. Active waterfalls, arches, narrow canyons, riparian oases, and sculpted slickrock are among the attractions of the Escalante’s backcountry hiking trails. Highlights of Escalante Basin include The Petrified Forest State Park, Calf Creek Falls,Utah, Hells Backbone and the Burr Trail. Utah Highway 12 is the only road that crosses the Escalante River. Considered one of the most scenic drives in America, Highway 12 winds through the buff-colored, petrified dunes and orange sandstone canyons cut by the Escalante River and its tributaries draining into the Colorado River, the Monument’s eastern border. The road to Hell’s Backbone Highway 12 to the North passes above Sand Creek with views of the spectacular Box-Death Hollow Wilderness Area. Burr Trail turns south from Boulder, Utah and is hard-surfaced for 31 miles between Boulder and Capitol Reef National Park. The rest is dirt and gravel surface with some rocky and sandy stretches. Along the route are slickrock canyons and expansive vistas. The road provides access to Deer Creek, The Gulch, Long Canyon, Wolverine Petrified Wood Area, and the Circle Cliffs Region. (DesertUSA)